Cartagena is situated on the north-coast of Colombia and is the capital of bolivar. According to 2009 census the population of Cartagena is around 995,928 which make it the fifth largest city in Colombia . Cartagena is considered as the mid of economic activities in the entire Caribbean as well as a very popular travelling destination.

Cartagena up fronts Caribbean Sea from its west. Cartagena bay is situated towards the south with two entrances Boca Grande and Bocachica. Taking about the climate, Cartagena has a humid sub-tropical climate with very hot summers followed by a mediocre weather in spring and then mild winters. Talking about the governmental status, it has a council manager form of government. The mayor as well as the council is changed after every four years through the elections which are held usually in spring.

Quality of life in Cartagena is admired a lot as well due to security, low crime rate and peaceful surroundings. According to the financial times limited, Cartagena was ranked as the top ten small cities around the globe.

Coming up to the religion, Cartagena is heavily dominated by the members of Protestants denominations. The largest in it are the Baptists followed by the Methodists. Rest of the population is distributed amongst Catholics and atheists.

Some of the places that should be visited while visiting Cartagena are:

· India Catalina

· The Walled city of Cartagena

· Cartagena Gold Museum

· Steps of the La Poppa mount

· Islas del Rosario

· Castillo de Sans Felipe de Barajas

· Las Bo Vedas

· Palace of inquisition

· Playa Blanca

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