Try to avoid getting into the park from the boats unless you can get an admission as you avoid the gates to the park and may be asked to provide proof of entry. The park an area of rainforest and beach covering 12000 hectares. This is a privately run park and it would be best visited in low season as it gets crazy and its most attractive asset becomes very much less attractive.

This is a place to stay in not visit for the day, there are numerous trekking options. From El Zaino the main entrance you arrive in Castilletes the longest beach in the park and the first option to stay the night. This area is for the nature lovers the further east Canaverel has a restaurant and some resorts style cabanas. Arrecifes further along has good budget accommodation options and for eating too. La Piscina a nice spot further on usually safe for being in the water but check ! Further on is Cabo San Juan de la guia a great beach but way too crowded in high season. Here is the place for you to party.

**BE VERY CAREFUL OF THE WATERS IN THE PARK EVERY YEAR PEOPLE DIE** there are some beaches and bays that are not good for swimming. Scuba diving snorkelling and swimming are absolutely wonderful on others get your local information from the park rangers.