Guayaquil is the largest city of Ecuador and is the busy seaport and river destination. This city is also considered to be Ecuador's economical capital. This city is basically located on a cost and is the activity center of Lower Guayas Basin, which is popular for its fertile valley and high agricultural yield. It is the perfect city for starting one's journey for Ecuadorian adventures.

There are several wonderful places nearby as well as within this city that must be visited by a traveller to Ecuador. Some special site-seeing places include: great beaches of Playas, Salinas and Banos, the exotic fruits and flowers of Ambato, Amazon rain forest and many others. One of the best things about Guayaquil is that one can reach the Galapagos Islands within two hours of flight from this city.

Besides offering several archaeological ruins, museums and historical attractions, this city also provides the opportunity for ecotourism by having some great reserves on its outskirts. If you are used to take frequent strolls then what could be the better place than the promenade at the bank of the Guayas River. However, if you are a fan of foods, especially sea foods, then you must try a restaurant boat floating on the Guayas River, which offer exquisite seafood.

You can also satiate your love for historical architecture by visiting the Church of Santo Domingo and several other cathedrals built in 1400s. You can further please yourself by strolling in the Parque Bolivar botanical garden, where you may also find some iguanas and turtles. If you can arrive in Guayaquil in January, you can be a part of several city's fiesta and festivities.