One of the most beautiful cities of Ecuador is Quito, which is nestled within a valley. This valley itself is situated at the foot of the Pichincha Volcano. Perhaps, there is no other city in the world that can be at par with the exquisite natural surroundings of this city. Quito is much more than only being the capital city of Ecuador. It is a place for real adventures.

Once upon a time, this city had been proud to be the northern capital of Inca civilization. Unfortunately, its makers were the ones who destroyed it in fear of Spanish conquistadors. This is why; the most fabulous architectural examples of Quito are all Spanish, which can be ascertained by visiting the Quito's Old Town. Even UNESCO has provided it the status of World Heritage site and is now preserved as the historic center of Latin America. However, Quito is not about ancient history only.

Most of the hotels are built in the newer area of the city, which are not too far from the budding business sector. It is advised to first adjust to the climatic conditions of Quito before stepping out of your hotel room for some real adventures. Once you are acclimatized to the climate, you can experience some eco-adventures of the city, like climbing, hiking and birding.