One of the historical and most dynamic cities of Peru is Cusco Peru, located at an altitude of above 11 thousand feet and is situated in the very heart of Andes Mountains.

Cusco is also frequently spelled as Cuzco. This city had been the capital of famed and mysterious ancient Inca civilization. It also served for over hundreds of years as the Mecca of travelers. Although it has been the center of Inca Empire for a short time, several imprints and relics of that amazing civilization still signifies the rich heritage of this city. At first, when you visit the city you may not feel quite well and you may also complain of dizziness or other similar symptoms. All those symptoms are nothing but the body reaction to the high altitude of Cusco. Once you get into the market of the city, you would find two indigenous leaves (muna and coca) which on chewing or drinking as tea would instantly alleviate all of your altitude sickness. Besides Inca, Pizzaro and some other Spanish conquistadors too left their imprints on this city, which you can still feel by visiting the 16th century churches and cathedrals. One of such marvelous architectural structure is the baroque main cathedral, situated in the centre of tourist gathering and that is the Plaza de Armas. You can further please yourself by visiting the wonderful surviving walls of Inca. Cusco is also very close to Machu Pichu and some other very fascinating tourist places of southern Peru.

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