Port Macquarie has always been known as a beautiful place. The beaches are fantastic, the bush is beautiful, and the climate is fabulous. Despite a major tourist boom, Port Macquarie has managed to balance being a nice place and being a major tourist destination very well. Port Macquarie hotels include some 4 star hotels, right next to pristine beaches and a real Australian coastal city which has the same character as it’s always had.

Development, or more precisely over-development, has been a problem for many of Australia’s coastal cities, particularly in Queensland and the north coast of New South Wales. The development was necessary; it was how it was carried out that was the big issue. Queensland, to its credit, has managed a very high standard of accommodation along with a determined effort to preserve the priceless Queensland lifestyle which makes its tourist resorts so popular.
Port Macquarie is perhaps the best example of a well-designed new generation beach resort, but it did have some natural advantages. Originally, the old town of Port Macquarie was a somewhat better equipped version of many Australian coastal towns. It has five Pacific beaches and four National Parks in its region.
Port Macquarie has made all the right moves with this basic environment. The city hasn’t over-developed, but remained focused on quality, and that strategy has paid off in both environmental and commercial terms. Like many of the east coast cities, Port Macquarie has an invaluable reputation among Australian travellers for its unique quality.
The Australian tourist market- A case study in success
The Australian domestic tourist market can be described in one word- “Fussy”. Australians know where to find good beaches. The country does have quite a few of them, and most Australians live in easy traveling distance from at least several of them. When trying to persuade Australian tourists to go to a beach resort, you’re dealing with experts.
That’s the market where Port Macquarie and the New South Wales central coast cities have achieved a commercial and environmental miracle. Not only are they competing with the famous northern and Queensland beaches, but they’re becoming more popular in the process. The city is competing effectively in the major tourism and corporate resort leagues against some of the world’s best.
The success is based on meeting a fundamental need of Australia tourists- Port Macquarie is a miniature version of the environment Australians like best:
  • A good urban centre with plenty of facilities- The amenities of a city without the traffic and other curses of a major city.
  • A huge choice of things to do- Water sports, bushwalking, scuba diving, golf, you name it; Port Macquarie is a great place for a real holiday.
  • Air transport is easy- Getting to Port Macquarie is very easy.
  • Endless areas of great beaches and bush- Major attractions in their own right.
  • Port Macquarie accommodation- Luxury and good prices all the way. You really can’t lose on a Port Macquarie holiday package.
That’s a winning hand in anyone’s language in the Australian tourist industry. Check out what’s available in Port Macquarie, and you’ll be on the next plane yourself. The Next Big Thing- If it feels like it.
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