Want to take someone special on a luxurious romantic getaway? We’ve got some great ideas you won’t want to miss.
There are so many beautiful places across the world, ideal for spoiling your loved one with a romantic escape. But you don’t have to go half way round the world to experience beautiful romantic settings either. Here, we’ve got a great list of romantic getaway locations. From local holiday trips to the Hunter Valley to fiji holiday packages and vacations to Hawaii, we’ve got some great ideas that are sure to sweep the one you love off their feet:

Hunter Valley escape 

An escape to the Hunter Valley is a great idea for a romantic weekend away. For those who appreciate good food and wine, this region offers some great vineyards and restaurants as well as accommodation featuring spa facilities. If you can picture the two of you cuddled up by a fire sampling some of the finest wines the area has to offer, then an escape to the Hunter Valley may be what’s in order.

The Great Barrier Reef  

Nothing says romance like warm, sunny beaches and amazing underwater scenes. The Great Barrier Reef is a popular destination for many and a great place to sit back and enjoy the water, sun and each other.

The Greek Islands  

The Greek Islands are made up of 1400 islands in total which are scattered across the Aegean Sea between Turkey and the Greek mainland. All of the islands are captivating, but Santorini is by far one of the world’s most romantic islands. The whitewashed buildings, the amazing sunsets and the decadent fruit and seafood make it a favourite for many romantics the world over.


Hawaii (USA) has always been and always will be a favourite location for honeymooners. Just by saying the islands name it’s hard not to think of romantic settings by the beach or luxury resort pool.


Fiji has increasingly become the favourite location for many travellers seeking the ultimate in romantic escapes. Featuring uninhibited beaches and known as the soft coral capital of the world Fiji offers romantics the ideal setting for enjoying each other’s company whilst sipping on cocktails or exploring untouched coral reefs. By going on one of the cruises you can take your partner on an adventure through the Fiji Islands on a getaway they’ll never forget.

One more thing to mention about Fiji is that it is extremely affordable. You can take your loved one on a 5 star holiday on a very reasonable budget, which is always a bonus.

Choosing the right holiday destination for the ultimate romantic getaway really depends on what you are your partner like to do. You need to decide on what style of holiday you will both thoroughly enjoy.

I hope our list of some of the world’s best romantic getaway locations has given you some ideas for places that you can whisk your loved one away to, on a trip they will never forget.