zipline antigua
zipline antigua

Popular Attractions in Antigua and Barbuda

There are some really good things you can do on both islands, we hope to break things down for you a little so that you can get an idea before you land in Antigua or Barbuda what you want to do.

It can be daunting if landing from a cruise ship and making your mind up then. So please ask any questions you may have or Antiguan Tour Guides who are there to help you.


Museum of Antigua and barbuda : A couple of hours is more than enough and can be combined with a walking tour of St Johns Antigua and during that you can't fail to notice the head piece of the town  St Johns Anglican Cathedral.
Fort James - Fort James Beach
Devil' Bridge
Nelsons Dockyard
Shirley Heights


Barbuda was unfortunately mostly destroyed in 2017 from Huricane IRMA. Today tourism well high end tourism is emerging. It seems that many locals have a new legal battle to get back their land taken with the events of the hurricane. And why that should have made a difference?

Frigate Bird Colony and sanctuary
Martello Tower
The Caves