The Bahamas is a country comprising of a number of islands located to the east of Florida Keys. As it is surrounded by coral reefs, it is called “The Islands of Shallow Waters”. 

What are the main tourist attractions of The Bahamas? 

The main places of attraction for the tourists visiting The Bahamas are:

  • Nassau: Nassau is the capital of The Bahamas, located on New Providence Island. There you may visit the Cable Beach to see beautiful white sands, take a short catamaran trip to the Blue Lagoons Island enjoying the dolphins swimming around, Zoological Park, Conservation Center where you will find several endangered species. 
  • Paradise Island: Paradise Island is mainly famous for the luxurious Atlantis Resort which provides an aquarium, water park, entertainment complex, swimming pools and a river ride to the marine habitat where you will find swordfishes and hammerhead sharks. 
  • Harbour Island: This island can be reached from Nassau by catamaran. It is known for its pink-colored sandy beaches and the first Bahamian Parliament. Here, you can ride golf carts on the streets of the only settlement, the Dunmore Town.
  • Grand Bahama: This island is the northernmost of The Bahamas islands. Freeport City is the capital of the Grand Bahama Island and the second largest city of The Bahamas after Nassau. However, Port Lucaya has overtaken it and become the tourist hub of the island. You can see a long underwater cave system in the marina and native birds in the three national parks. 
  • Andros Island: This is the largest of the islands and it has the world's third largest coral reef. It has five national parks, full of birds and a Batik Factory which you will enjoy.
  • Abaco Islands: Abaco Islands are located in the northern part of The Bahamas. It is comprised of two islands Great Abacos and Little Abacos, and a number of cays. The Great Abacos bear the third largest city of The Bahamas namely Marsh Harbor. Close to the eastern coast of Great Abacos island is located the Treasure Cay. You will love to find flour-soft sands on the beach. Apart from the picturesque palm-lined beach, the Elbow Cay will also fascinate you in reminding one of the old traditional fishing villages. Hope Town is the only settlement in the Elbow Cay and you can visit the nearby Guana Cay and Tilloo Cay known for the bird habitat. Great Turtle Cay is another place you can visit in the Abacos. It is five kilometers long and it has its only settlement in New Plymouth, where you will find pastel-colored cottages and cheerful villagers making merry with the fish catches. You can go diving, snorkeling, swimming, and boating here.
  • Bimini: This island is the closest to the United States and it is famous for deep-sea fishing tournaments, which occur from March to September every year. You can dive and snorkel here. But beware of sharks. They are also present along with dolphins.
  • Long Island: This island is about seven kilometers wide and 130 kilometers long. Its beauty is in its landscape. There are rocky cliffs on the eastern side whereas the western side is characterized by sandy beaches. The world's deepest salt-water blue hole is found on this island and a regatta is organized there in the summer. 

There are numerous luxurious resorts where you can stay. The prominent among them are the Atlantis Resort in the Paradise Island, Sea Spray Resort & Marina in the Elbow Cay, and Baha Mar in Nassau. Kindly inquire and book your place of stay before coming to The Bahamas.

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