Beautiful Barbados
Barbados Beach

Barbados sits out just east of the Caribbean Sea but actually IN in the western Atlantic Ocean. Considered a part of the Lesser Antilles. Due to its position it gives enthusiasts more options for water sports as the atlantic side gets good surf.

Saint Lucia lies to the to the west and south west is Saint Vincent & the Grenadines.Further south lies Trinidad and Tobago. Barbados's total land area is about 425 square kilometres, and is mostly low landscaped, with some higher regions in the middle such as Mount Hillaby in Saint Andrew. Barbados is NON Volcanic unlike Monserrat. Barbados is tropical, with trade winds off the Atlantic Ocean which makes for an ideal climate for vacations and living too. Otherwise it can be wooded and where this meets the sea, mangroves. Historically Sugar Cane was a mainstay for wealth and trade on the island and today its more tourism and rum exports.

Things to see and do in Barbados.


You might start off with a look at Bridgetown the historical capital where for example you can find the rum distillery tour or the cigar factory. There are some pretty looking buildings and St Mary's Church is very welcoming go in take a look around, you may get told of its interesting history like that of the tiled floor. The tiles originated from the UK slave ships and were used as ballast on the journey and no longer required for the return. Slaves would be brought from Africa and the ships would return with sugar mostlly.

Carlisle Bay

This is a great fun beach and is interesting for cruise ship guests with some sea fun going on. Its not idylic but if fun sand sun and food are on your list this is close by to bridgetown. Some scuba outlets operate from Carlise bay.