One of the three most beautiful bays in the world:

Les Saintes (or Îles des Saints) are a group of islands, within the French overseas department of Guadeloupe.

The bay is considered one of the 3 most beautiful bays in the world. Their total land area is almost 13 km2, their population less than 3000 inhabitants and they are located about 15 km SW of Guadeloupe. They are in total 9 islands but 7 are uninhabited. The main ones are Terre-de-Haut with the larger population and the Terre-de-Bas mainly agricultural.

Terre-de-Haut is a beautiful place to visit if you have the chance of being in Guadeloupe. The Fort Napoleon and the views from its garden and totally worth it.

It is a very nice island to explore by walking or renting a scooter (about USD 25-30 per day). There are also mini-vans. Prices are reasonable. There are some small gift shops and of course nice small places to eat with excellent food, mainly based on fish since the people of the islands are well known for their skills as fishermen. And there is also a couple of good dive sites such as Le Paté-Sec, so do not miss that chance.

The trip from Guadeloupe is with a ferry or plane but it is very short since it is only at a distance of 15 km.

It is also a good option to spend a couple of days, having affordable accomodations per week or per day like for example, Auberge Les Petits Saints, a very nice hotel with bungalows, suites and rooms.

So, even if it is for a day or to spend a week, do not miss this beautiful place in the French Caribbean.

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