Tahir Square Egypt
Tahir Square Egypt

Egypt - Liberation Reveals a Hot New Tourist Trail

Tourism in Egypt has been alive since hundreds of years. The rich culture and history of Egypt has always been fascinating to foreign visitors who have flocked to Egyptian lands since the time of the pharaohs. The unrivaled natural and manmade landscape of Egypt is impossible to be found in any other location, thereby making it a favorite destination of tourists all over the world.

That being said, the recent revolution in Egypt has certainly taken quite a toll on not just the economic and political situation in the country, but its tourism has suffered a huge impact too. However, history is proof of the fact that most countries that have suffered setbacks in their tourism industry have regained their lost glory in no time. Whether the hit in tourism was due to revolutions, global crisis, natural calamities, or even terrorism – countries with a rich tourism legacy have always been able to bounce back. And such has fortunately been the case with Egypt after its recent revolution too.

Egypt Tourism after Liberation

Egypt has always been famous for its monuments such as the pyramids and the Sphinx. Millions of people over the centuries have travelled to Egypt to see the tombs of the pharaohs and the Egyptian kings. However, the recent revolution and the subsequent liberation have revealed a whole new tourist trail in Egypt.

Gone are the days when history and its culture were the only things that attracted tourists to Egypt. Also gone are the days when most people visited this ancient land to see the pyramids or the tombs. Today, modern day post-liberation Egypt has so much more to offer tourists from all over the globe. The incredibly warm and gloriously blue waters of the Red Sea are a major tourist attraction in Egypt today. So are various destinations that offer some of the best diving sites to professionals and amateurs alike. Whether it is the sandy beaches in Egypt or popular resort towns on the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt after liberation is a whole new country simply waiting to be explored.

Egypt Tourism Hotspots

Here is a look at some of the major hotspots as far as Egyptian tourism is concerned:

1. Cairo: Cairo is not just famous for being the capital city of Egypt, but it has plenty in store for international tourists as well. The Giza pyramids are a wonderful sight; one look at which will leave you absolutely mesmerized. The Egyptian Museum is another must-visit sight in Cairo, where one can see all kinds of Egyptian artifacts in their glorious displays. Perhaps there are a few souvenirs of the recent revolution that can be seen in the museum too.

In recent years, Cairo has made a name for itself in terms of great shopping too. And if tourists simply wish to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind, then they can do so with a quiet and relaxing felucca ride on the river Nile.

However, no visit to Cairo would be complete without visiting the now famous Tahrir Square. This is the location that took center stage when the people of Egypt were protesting against their oppressive rulers. Today, Tahrir Square is a place where street vendors are galore and it almost bears a festive look. In addition to a great number of tourists, one can always see a few demonstrators camped out at Tahrir Square too. While olden day Cairo was definitely about its Pyramids and The Sphinx, post liberation Cairo has a new tourist spot in Tahrir Square!

2. Sharm El Sheikh: It would not be wrong to describe Sharm El Sheikh as one of the most sought after diving destinations on the planet. Not just for deep sea diving, but this city in Egypt is famous for its snorkeling and amazing water sports too. If you have ever wanted to revel in crystal clear waters surrounded by splendid corals, then Sharm El Sheikh is definitely the place to go to. Not only will you get to feast your eyes on some of the most unusual under water flora that you have ever seen, but you will be amazed at all the tropical fish that abound in these waters and are extremely rare to be spotted anywhere. Located on the Southern point of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm El Sheikh has surely bounced back from the revolution and has created its unmatched place on the new tourist trail in Egypt.

Unknown to most foreign tourists, Sharm El Sheikh has been known as The City of Peace. Even during the recent liberation, the battles of revolution did not reach this city, hence living up to its name.

For modern tourists, this city has everything that they could possibly need for a fabulous vacation. Whether it is exciting nightlife, awesome discos, adventurous camel rides, great desert safaris, fine dining options, and thrilling windsurfing facilities – you name it and Sharm El Sheikh has it all!

3. Red Sea Riviera: Apart from the above two cities that are a must-do on every tourists itinerary, there are several other locations in Egypt that have become popular tourist spots after the liberation. While most tourist hubs were centered on the Nile before the revolution; today you can see that these hubs are being developed on the Sinai Peninsula and around the Red Sea. In fact, since a peace agreement has been signed between Israel and Egypt, the political tension too has melted away and made way for the emergence of the region known as the Red Sea Riviera.

From an extravaganza of marine life, to some of the best diving facilities – this region has it all. It is also becoming popular as a health destination due to the presence of many natural springs in the area. Therefore, tourists looking for a great new location where they can enjoy some fantastic spa facilities can head straight to the Red Sea Riviera in Egypt!

The pursuit of freedom always brings new opportunities with itself, even if countries do have to undergo a revolution to achieve that. As far as the Egypt tourism industry is concerned, liberation did open up an extremely hot new tourist trail!


Photo by Moustafa Neamatalla

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