I did not prepare myself well enough for Sharm El Sheik. I went on a scuba diving holiday for a week. I took an all inclusive deal which proved to be good value so I thought.

The diving in the areas around Sharm El Sheikh is really world class though you should consider the following before booking up a diving package. It seems to apply to all the operators:

There are no lazy afternoon single dive boats so you are stuck ALL DAY and need to get up at 7am.

No matter what package you think you might have booked you will probably still be liable for extra fees (this is a kind of Sharm or Egypt culture: hit them with supplements and extras e.g. food drink on the dive boats, wifi in the hotels).

Take a smaller dive package and have some days off to do other things.
Make sure that you tip a tip amount not a days wages as recommended by the dive leaders, the dive shops should be paying their staff correctly, they would be if I was managing the business.

Naama Bay Location Map

Tips when enjoying your holiday in Sharm El Sheikh

Politely say sorry not interested to the street hasslers and move on.

Haggle really hard, but only after you have really decided you WANT to buy.

Try a Shish Pipe, go quad biking at night, visit Moses Mountain and the burning bush.
Get out into the spectacular scenery that is different.

Go snorkelling or scuba diving in the red sea.

Wear Sun Lotion protector block and drink lots of water!