A straight minimalist process image in pure raw .I love both the inner n external architecture,with due respect noticing, particularly paying careful attention how every single inch of precise details was crafted n align or duplicate spotless without mistake by human naked eyes to form all corners of this complicated Pagoda standing here at Narita San temple during my last November visit to Japan.

Me was fortunate enough to access my opportunity travelling around n witness with own eyes a handfull beautiful historical Pagoda during my China/Korea trip visit but notice the details draw to viewers attention do have slight varies from this 3 respective heritage zone. each Pagoda's have their own inheritance of distintive characteristic features representing their long time ancestor passion with cultural Art . Amazingly n seamlessly, most Pagoda's joint was erected by heavenly brilliant handycraft master without require a single nailing needed to construct them standing firmly against all form of natural disaster from earthquake to typhon.
Unfortunately, not many outstanding Pagoda can be found n describe here in my country, Singapore.

Shot was taken in the earliest available morning light source, a bit soft n weak, no dramatic impact n punch as sky was dull with gloommy blue. however those details really caught me n was highly favour my taste to capture for memory.