Flag of Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬

In case anyone's confused, Singapore is both a country and city. Actually, it's a city-state of just 269 square miles that was once a British trading post. Now it is one of the cleanest, and safest, places you will find anywhere on the planet.

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Penalties are stiff if you litter, chew gum, or even jaywalk. While smoking isn't outlawed, it is discouraged--and you'll be fined if you throw your cigarettes into the street.

Cleanliness is but a small price to see Buddhist and Hindu Temples alongside mosques and churches; as well as the National Orchid Garden and the Johore Battery, a network of tunnels and large guns built by the Brits.

Shopping in Singapore brings you from the most refined luxury items, to simple street vendors--but no haggling. Well, you could try--it might work to get you a better deal.

As Singapore is exceptionally clean, you won't have any problems drinking anything, or even eating from its street stalls. In fact, this is one of the best ways to eat around Singapore.

The Singapore Sling Cocktail was invented here, over at the Raffles Hotels. So, go ahead, in honor of where it all started--have one.

You choice where you want to have one, since there are plenty of discos, bars, and clubs all over the place. Other cultural pursuits include river cruises, the cinema, karaoke, and Opera.

And with Singapore's excellent bus and MRT (Mass Rail Transit) you'll get around quite easily. Harbor cruises are great for an evening of fun, while ferries will get you around its 63 islands & inlets quickly and efficently.

Most citizens are bilingual, so if you're only an English speaker you'll do just fine; but they do speak Mandarin Chinese and Malay here too.

Weather knows no language--especially here as its hot & humid almost year round. Two monsoon seasons hit the region, mostly between December to March, June to September. Just pack some light cotton clothing to get you through the muggy days.

Even the weather is simple in Singapore, so there's no reason to be confused. Just don't chew gum or make a mess, and you'll have the best trip of your life.