Holidays and Honeymoons in the Maldives

Who knew that only in the Maldives a land height of 2.3 meters would be considered "mountainous". That's the highest you're going to get in this band of 1,190 coral islands (encompassing only 298 square miles) in the Indian Ocean--found at Hulhumale.

Ahh, all the better to be a total beachside place, don't you think?

The weather here in the Maldives makes lounging around beachside all day possible. That is, of course, if you're not diving at places like Victory Wreck (sunk in 1981) and the Addu Atoll, or snorkeling along the other 25 atolls, or countless lagoons.

Many of the Maldives' islands are very small, a half-hour walk will bring you from one sun kissed end to the other. Ferries are the best way of getting around, while speedboats and other boats bring you from one island to the other. Only 200 of all the Maldives' islands are inhabited, and its all the rage to have a BBQ at one that isn't.

Much of the Maldives' weather is consistent, although monsoons from May to November make it more likely to rain. The southern islands experience more rain than the north--a good thing to know if you're totally addicted to the sunshine.

Outside of the Maldives' resorts there isn't much nightlife. As most of the 396,000 residents are Sunni Muslim, there isn't much drinking going on. This is good to know, as beachwear isn't really to be worn off the sand. Avoid bikinis if you're not at a resort beach.

Many beach resorts have a variety of restaurants, while outside you'll find some local cafes serving up hedhikaa, or short snacks that are popular.

A word of caution, while its safe to drink the water in resort areas--it is best to stick to boiled or bottled otherwise. A few vaccinations are best to have before you leave--but no worries too much about Malaria or Dengue Fever.

No worries either if you don't speak Dhivehi, the official language, as Russian, Italian, Chinese, German, and French are also widely spoken. English speakers, don't get nervous--they speak that too.

But, with all these lush beaches shaded by palm trees, any nervousness you have will just melt away.