Big is certainly the right word to use when describing China. Actually, gigantic would be good. Humongous would be too, considering this one country has one-fifth of the world's population at 1.3 billion citizen AND encompasses 3.7 million square miles bordering two seas (the Yellow Sea & South China Sea) and thirteen countries (Russia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Bhutan, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar).

The Great Wall of China isn't small either stretching meter upon meter and 20 feet wide. This is certainly the Republic of China's most famous site.

Forbidden City, with its 15th century Temple, is also world-famous, and who could forget about its Terra Cotta Army? But did you know that China has wonderful beaches?

That's right, China isn't all Ming Tombs and Pagodas. Chances are, however, you didn't fly half way around the world not to cycle along the Great Wall, see Buddhist Monasteries near Datong, or try some Chinese Medicine like acupuncture or cupping.

Chinese Medicine is legendary, but so is China's food. You'll find Chinese restaurants in every corner of the world--but only here will you actually get real Peking Duck from China's Northern Region.

Wait, Peking became Beijing, the country's capital city, so shouldn't it be Beijing Duck?

The south offers dishes like Dim Sum and Shrimp Wonton. Western dishes include Kung-po Chicken, and everything tastes great washed down with a Tsingtao, a Chinese beer.

Whatever you're eating just remember to make sure all veggies and meat are well-cooked, and be sure to drink only bottled or boiled water.

A few other necessary precautions are all that you need; so be sure your vaccinations are current. Make sure your passport is in order, and request a visa before leaving your house.

Getting around China can be an adventure. Although not the best maintained, some 80 percent of the country is accessible by road. It'll be hard to rent a car, but hiring a local driver for either a day or for the week will work.

China has a metro system for getting around by train, and ferries link Hong Kong to the mainland quite cheaply.

It's been said the best time to visit is in the early Autumn, because the weather's at its absolute best. Spring too is a wonderful time as well, as it can get really cold here during the Winter. The Himalayas have something to do with that, and some one-third of the country is covered by mountain terrain. Which is great for rock climbing or mountain climbing.

Yes, China is big--and it most certainly will be one of the biggest vacations of your life. So who said, size doesn't matter?

Attractions and sites abound in China, whether you choose to visit the capital of Beijing or take a hiatus to Shanghai. You will never be out of things to do while you enjoy a holiday on the Asian continent. One of the main events of your trip to China should be a visit to the Great Wall of China, which can be visited at various points along its lengthy course.

Well, time had come for me finally to say good buy to Thailand, and Khoa San Road.. and boy was I glad to see the back of them both.. I left Bangkok and headed to Beijing, have to be honest I was a little apprehensive at first as I had all those visions of not being able to get around town, everything in mandarin etc.. and to make things more adventurous I was arriving in Beijing without an idea of where I would stay.