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To the Western world you might have seen "Made in Taiwan" printed on all sorts of items, from toys to technology. What else is made in Taiwan is one of the best vacation destinations.

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Destinations and Things to do in Taiwan

Lying along the Tropic of Cancer, Taiwan is a beach and nature lover's paradise. While typhoons might hit late summer, anytime of year is the right time to see all of Taiwan. Bird watchers especially will appreciate it here, as there are some 460 species to find. As well as some 400 different species of butterfly to track down.

One note of caution: while hiking in rural areas be careful from poisonous snakes. Although rare, the possibility is still there.

Speaking of snakes, the infamous Snake Alley is a touristy kind of place--but a unique place to see snake hearts on sale.

Take care to avoid mosquito bites too, as while not in a Malaria infected area, Dengue Fever is a possibility. An update of all vaccinations is a good idea before arrival.

A visa is also needed before arrival, as it cuts down on any "red tape" you'll encounter. You'll need a passport and return ticket, by the way.

It wouldn't be right to let something as simple as paperwork keep you from hitting up the Night Market (or, regular markets for that matter) to buy jade, chopsticks, or specially made lanterns.

Taiwanese nights also include all sorts of venues, like discos and clubs, karaoke and tea houses. As varied as its nightlife is as varied as its cuisine. You'll find Spicy Szechuan, Pekinese and Cantonese cooking, and the every popular Spring Rolls.

Just be sure that all meat and veggies are well-cooked, and fruits are peeled. Do yourself a favor, only drink boiled or bottled water while you're here.

You'll need to take provisions if you're going to hike up Jade Mountain--at a whopping 12,966ft. Take your time, but the view's worth the effort.

The Chung Tai Chan Monastery is tall, too. While not as high as Jade Mountain, this is the world's tallest Buddhist Temple. However, if you want to "jump" off something--you'll have to do it at Green Bay, the best place to either paraglide or hangglide.

Good thing there's an abundance of Chinese Medicine around in case you pull something. Eastern medicine is important here in Taiwan, so you're bound to find something to cure any other ills you got going on. Or, just try soaking in the Taian Hot Springs.

Taiwan is also a festive city, a place to go for the ultimate in fun during Chinese New Year, or the Dragon Boat Festival. There's never a moment where something isn't going on that's great for the whole family.

The beaches are also family-friendly; and Orchid Island has some of the best coral around if you're into diving around the volcanic island.

Ferries will take you all over around the coast of Taiwan, although not so much in winter. Other modes of getting around include the MRT and monorail, bicycles and motorcoaches, and taxis are incredibly cheap.

Great, save some money to pay for some acupuncture, or visiting more around Taiwan--it'd be a shame to miss out on anything.