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The largest city in Thailand is Bangkok, the capital, there is an order among the chaos of the hot dirty streets some high class shopping and a futuristic SkyTrain. Stay in some of the best hotels in the world at affordable rates.

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What to do in Thailand: Trekking, Scuba Diving, this is one of the cheapest countries to learn to do your PADI course in Ko Tao. The Beach - love the film ? Of course you did you are never far from a fantastic beach in Thailand nor a bungalow on the beach, Fantastic Temples, Amazing food. Highlights are Scuba Diving in the Andaman Sea, Ko Phi Phi, Ko Lanta, Climbing in Krabi , Railay Beach, James bond Island. Do read the Bangkok Hilton and stay clear of drugs, there is no tolerance of them in Thailand. Visit River Kwai Bridge at Kanchanaburi , the nearby museum jeath museum. Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai offer elephant rides trekking and rafting. Drink snakes blood and dance till dawn at the famous full moon party in hat (haad) Rin.Rin is two beaches separated by a narrow quaint street:The sunrise on the east and sunsets on the west. Sunrise beach is a wide stretch of white sand in a stunning curved bay while sunset beach is not really as nice.

Thailand has a good infrastructure compared to some countries all you to get about in reasonable comfort and never have much more than a 12 hour trip. Use the budget airlines like air asia however and you may never spend more than a half day of travel. See this 2 week Thailand Tour.
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Wherever I travel I look for sport fishing opportunities. While touring Southeast Asia my home base was Sihanoukville, Cambodia’s beach resort on the placid Gulf of Thailand. Thousands of small commercial boats fish the gulf for mixed catches of bottom fish and squid, staples of the city’s beachfront restaurants. I wondered what other fish were out there.

I saw a charter fishing boat moored near the commercial port, but there was no skipper to be found. I heard these charter boats come and go. They target barracuda and marlin and the fishing grounds are a costly four hour, full throttle run. Fisherman’s Den Charters and Pub promised catches of Barracuda and Dorado at a reasonable price. I booked my trip over a couple of pints.

Backpacking in Thailand

One of the biggest concerns that backpackers have when they are planning to visit a certain country is whether or not they will be able to explore that country on a backpacker’s budget. Well, as long as you have decided to go backpacking in Thailand, money is one thing that you need not be worried about!

Now when I say you need not be worried about money the point I am trying to make is that Thailand is an extremely cheap (solely in terms of money) country to visit. People from Asian countries such as Malaysia, India, China, and Cambodia find Thailand cheap so if you’re from USA or one of the European countries then Thailand is literally going to be a backpacker’s haven for you.

Backpacking in Thailand is a wonderful way of seeing the ancient country of Siam, where you can experience everything from old temples to the most modern of nightclubs.

I have to admit my first experience with Thailand wasn't the country itself.  Nope, it was the story of Anna Leonowens.  You might not have heard of her, but it was her diary that inspired the movie Anna And The King.

Except, Thailand wasn't Thailand back then--it was Siam.  Wouldn't that be like right church, wrong pew kind of thing? Nevermind.

Chances are you're backpacking journey will begin in Bangkok, since this is where most international flights arrive.  Not us.  We're kicking it off on the island of Phuket.

What?  Who says we gotta be like everyone else?  You can get to Phuket quite easily from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur either by bus or train.  Phuket is a wonderful beach destination, where you'll be happy to spend all your Baht (Thai money) right here.  Good thing it's got a 30 Baht to 1 US Dollar ratio.  And considering its hot all year round (average temps high 80s/low 90s all year round) the beach is a welcome sight.

It's also great for festivals, like the Vegetarian Festival at the end of September.  For 9-days everyone gives up eating meat for an all-out vegetarian affair.  Don't laugh--there isn't any meat in any of the drinks at the island's nightclubs, so at least you don't have to give those up.

Just make sure you're presentable when you arrive at the Thalong National Museum, OK?

Bus and train service in Thailand is easy and inexpensive, so that's how we'll make it Koh Phangan.  Here's a few tips for surviving the monthly Full Moon Party that takes place on the beach.  1) never take all your valuables with you; 2) try not to have too much to drink--you'll want your wits about you; and 3) follow rules #1 and 2, and you'll have an excellent time dancing the night away on the sandy beach.

Not your thing?  Don't worry about it--Koh Phangan's got traditional sightseeing including a 14-meter high tree, scenic areas like Khao Ra and the Phaens Waterfall; but also a chance to see Muay Thai kickboxing up close & personal.

And with some hotels only costing an average of $30 a night--you can afford to do it all.

Now we've made our way to Bangkok, the capital and largest city in Thailand.  Bangkok's been called the City of Angels, but hey--so is Los Angeles.  Ain't no confusing the two--this one's got a hot, humid climate and where the monsoons bring all sorts of rain from December to March.

In between rain drops, come see the Venice of the East (yeah, it's been called that too); and where kings have been interred at Wat Phra Si Sanphet, or the Grand Palace and Royal Barge Museum.

Every year on the Queen's Birthday (August 12th) there are lots of celebrations; same goes for the Bangkok Songkran Festival--which is the Thai New Year. 

Just about 85km to the north (and again, easily accessible by bus) is Ayutthaya--which is actually another island.  A bike or tuk-tuk (a 3 wheel motorized contraption) is the best way to experience Ayutthaya.

But the best thing to see is the Ayutthaya Historical Park, a UNESCO site that's part of the original city founded by a 14th century King.  One of the most famous temples in the park is Wat Chaiwatthanaram--that has a 35 meter high tower.  Plus, it was the site of many a royal religious ceremony.

As you backpack around Thailand you'll see that these are but just a few places to see.  Just remember if someone gives you a "wai" (a hands together greeting) give 'em one back--it's a respectful greeting.  The only time you shouldn't is if a kid gives you one.

Also remember you're not in the West anymore, they do things a bit different (read up on Anna Leonowens).  If you've got a problem with something, please don't shout.  Public displays of affection, that's a no-no too.  Also be respectful of the many monks you'll see on your trip--no touching.  And for as hot as it is, please cover up some (that excludes the beaches, by the way).

I often wonder if Ms. Leonowens was around today what she'd think of her Siam.  It's a good guess to say that this forward-thinking lady would be glad to try backpacking around herself.

This is a guide for how you can plan a 2 week trip around Thailand as a flashpackers !

Day 1 to Day 3 >> Arrival in Bangkok
Day 3-4 >> Arrival in Phuket
Day 4-6 >> Ko Phi Phi
Day 6-7 >> Arrival in Ko Samui
Day 7-10 >> Ko Phangan
Day 10-13 >>Ko Tao
Day 13-15 >>Bangkok >> depart.

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We personally have stayed in (the) Le Meridien Hotel Bangkok, just opposite patpong (don't worry its a night market and titties galore only if you venture inside the bars !)

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