With a population of around 3 million, Osaka is the third largest and second most important metropolis of the Japanese Archipelago. This has been the economic hub of the island since many centuries. Formerly known as Naniwa, Osaka was also the capital city of Japan, in fact the first one ever known. Often dubbed as "ugly" by visitors, the place is best viewed by tourists in the neon light of the night. It is right now undergoing a facelift for enticing daytime visitors.

The best time of the year to plan your visit to Osaka is the period between the months of April and May. This is the season when you can catch a glimpse of the 'hanami' or cherry bloom. The temperatures remain moderate and it does not rain. Waterfront developments are currently underway in order to give the place a makeover. Osaka is gradually being restored as a port city, with the help of the novel attractions that are being created everyday. The region of cultural and ethnic diversity, Osaka abounds in the flea markets, where you can save on your money while shopping.