Let’s start out with highlighting the capital Ulaan Bator or Ulaanbaatar (I have seen it spelt so many ways..), Check hotels in Ulan Bator, and hostels in Ulan Bator. Now your checked in and raring to go, what should we not miss ? Well depending on the time of the year the temperature may go from -20 in jan and feb to up to a nice 20c in Summer.

Ulaanbaatar is not a beauty on the face of it a grey concrete mass, but underneath the city has soul. Many nomadic farmers have come to the city having had their livestocks reduced in harsh winters and their way of lives altered due to westernisation of even this far flung place.

During the cold winter months the population increases due to the nomadic nature of Mongolians and camps of gers (traditional Mongolian homes) surround the city. Though the city is grey and stark and has a massive Russian built power station within there are charms to be enjoyed in Ulan Battar. There is nightlife (you must try a Chinghis Beer) for the young backpacker off of Peace Avenue lies Teeverchidiin Gudamj check this area out. Check out the state department store if you need to buy anything, the area around is also known for bars and café's. Find your hostel in Ulan Baatar with hostel bookers now.

Navigating yourself around take the main thoroughfare of Peace avenue where the restaurants and shops reside, also youth hostels, check out [] and []. This street runs east west underneath Sükhbaatar Square in this square you can get some tourist information. 18 km south west of UB is the international airport Chinggis Khaan International Airport also known as Bouyant Uka its old name. Negotiate your taxi from the airport and should be 8-10,000T be clear beforehand and expect a spirited argument if you don't.
Things to do in Ulan Bator

Naadam Festival in July – this national treasure is a competition of horseriding archery and wrestling. Check out Zaizan Memorial as part of a city tour.
Hike to the top of the mountains south of UB, South of Zaisan Memorial (South of Zaisan Memorial, Take the #7 or #33 bus from the Bayangol Hotel). The Mountain ridge south of UB, Take the #7, #33 or #43 bus from in front of the Bayangol Hotel going south. Go to the end of the line. The road continues south about 100 meters to the West of the bus stop. You will come to a check point where you will have to pay the fee. Shortly after, take the left branch of the road to a ger camp. There is a small stream flowing North, the path starts from the left (east) side of the stream. At the top, branch to the west and you will come to a high point maybe 500 meters through the woods. This will take about 2 to 3 hours of easy walking. From where you branch west, you can go straight and slightly east and follow the path to Bogd Uul Mountain, The path here is marked with orange paint marks on the trees. This trip is quite long with another down and up section, about 10km each way.
Look around the Naran Tuul (AKA Black Market): you pay 50 MNT to get in but it is an interesting place and you can get great deals. They sell pets, souvenirs, cloth, shoes, socks, meat, fruits etc. Some people claim it is dangerous but outside of a few pick pockets (like in all large markets) it seemed quite safe.

Go ski or snowboard in Mongolia at Sky Resort, its cold enough but no snow and at 3000ft high it isn't breaking any records, though it is cheap and cheerful and golf may be available in summer. At 13km away from the centre of UB you can get local buses there Free bus leaves from the Drama center (next to the Grand Khan Irish Pub) weekends 8,8:30,10,11,12,14,17:30,18,19:30; weekdays 8:30,12,17,18,19.
Points of Interest in Ulan Bator

Gandan Khiid Monastery (T3500), services daily in the cities main Monastery

Choijin Lama Monastery Chingeltrei district near the library – this monastery turned into a museum has some religious history art and shows the history of Buddhism in Mongolia. Cost is T2500. This ensemble has 5 buildings and 5 arches housing 5000 artifacts:The sculpture of Choijing Lama and the embalmed mummy of his teacher. It also contains the great coral mask of Begtse, created under the direction of protectors using over 6000 pieces of coral. Yadam temple and Amgalan temple contain rare artifacts made by the famous Mongolian artist and sculptor, Zanabazar.

National History Museum – Cost T2500 houses the usual stones and environmental treasures from a Mongolian perspective. Good for history and culture on the basis of science and culture

Sükhbaatar Square. The big open space in the center of the city with an equestrian statue of the 1921 hero Sükhbaatar, and seated statue of Chinggis Kahn

Bogd Kahn Museum

Zaisan Memorial. A huge communist-era monument located on a hill near the city. It represents the Russian and Mongolian heroes who fought together during WWI and WWII. Nowadays it is a popular viewpoint where you can see over the whole city. There's also a huge buddhist statue at the bottom

International intellectual museum – puzzles toys and logic games form the theme, with sales abroad helping the Mongolian economy grow.
The Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts, Ulaanbaatar, Chingeltrei district, Barilgachdin Square (Two blocks west of the Government House). 10-6. The collection includes items from the Stone Age to 20th C. Particularly interesting is the collection of Buddhist art beginning in the 17th Century.

Tours of interest in Mongolia
Trans Siberian Railway
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