Guys and Gals

Two things i missed of my last update (was in such a rush to please the editor!)

One.. while in chang mai (thailand) went to see some Thai Kick Boxing.. it was mainly kids fighting but it didint take away from the experience. The arena was really authentic, and had an traditional band playing the same tune just at different tempos. Most of the fights went down to the referee's decision but two didnt.. one got stopped for blood and the penultimate fight was the highlight of the night. First round started fairly slowly, then the second just exploded.. one fighter caught the sweetest right foot full it the face and went down like he had been shoot and only intervention from the medic with smelling salts brought him round..

Two... ive talked about "small world" experiences number of times, but for me the spookiest one of all time happened to me in chang mai.. saw this old welsh dude in the pub, and I kind of recognised him.. the next day I saw him again (in The Local) and I had to ask him where I knew him from.. got talking, and it turned out I had met him two years ago in Australia on a previous and different trip.. spooky hey!

Anyway, Veng Viene rocks!