The former capital of South Vietnam known as Saigon got renamed after the war in 1975 to Ho Chi Minh City in honour of the red leader. So why should you want to visit in Ho Chi Minh City ?

Check out Tank 843 in the Reunification Palace which signalled the victory of the NVA and the end of the war. The grounds and building are nice inside the recreation room left as it was at the time of victory. A short walk from the palace is the War Remnants Museum with a lot of gruelling war images and propaganda with a bias of atrocities comited by the Americans and none from the North Vietnamese.
Take an evening photo of
City Hall and the statue of Ho Chi Minh himself. This leads one to be curious about the man and for that head for Ho-Chi-Minh Museum where you can learn more.
There are many places of worship from the Notre Dame Cathedral to Thien Hau Pagoda and the Central Mosque.

Things to do in Saigon, Sorry- Ho Chi Minh City !!

Dam Sen Water Park
Xuan Spa
MegaStar Cineplex
Emperor Jade (Tortoise) Pagoda
Twenty-Three September Park

Dai Nam Tourist Park

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