The shinkansen is the bullet train the original and very cool, it must have been so ahead of the game when it first came out.

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It feels much faster than the TGV in france, after having done the high speed train in Spain I have now done all the fastest trains in the world, there is a faster nozomi class (company) shinkanssen which my 3 week ticket doesnt cover.. 

But anyway im in Kyoto and seems like I wasted half the day trying to find accomodation, since I didnt have the internet to make a booking before I arrived. Not so very bad. Will do the temples tomorrow and plan if to go on to okinawa, that will be a one nighter. Here is worth a brief stay and relax moment, im in a cool hostel with some international folk and am getting that up to date info..Have some entries saved on my laptop to insert when I get intenet on her. Have been skoping out the nightlife here this evening and it is very much not that kind of place, had a great chat with this Japanese cosmetic salesman who was with his three salesgirls in this bar / restaurant. Other than that kyoto is unknown still, might see if I awake early, think not, im hoping im over the jetlag, that might mean i dont go for my early morning run...

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