Japan Stucco
Japan Stucco

I awoke to the sound of the cleaner knocking on the door then opening it.
It was good I had five minutes to pack and plan. I was meeting Tsutomu pronounced "storm" I had last seen him in London.

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I had pretty much wasted the morning only in terms of seeing Tokyo but some days have to be less busy and I caught up with some planning tasks, I had packed my big pack and only had to take round my valuable pack including laptop which I left at the front desk in the end. I met Storm at he A6 entrance to Jimbocho station whose entrance was the closest for my hotel. He had set up a meeting with a girl-friend of his mizumee but before then we had a couple of hours so we thought Odaiba and its Fuji Television Building would be good.

The ride over on the monorail is also great for appreciating the size of Tokyo. Also time was going fast as we caught up since last meeting.

The Fuji television building Is worth paying to go up, I think it was about 750 or 1000 Yen or 4 quid. We didn't go up at first as there was a rave playing in an area next to this television station. We looked around and went over the entrance, The Techno was a pull to both of us and we made a rough plan that we could do it Tomorrow however I was to be living at storms tonight and Sunday night, and he was an hour from Tokyo, I think he does the commute to Tokyo 6 days of the week, I didn't want to push for it too much. It was 20 quid to get in, if I keep giving prices it allows one to appreciate that Tokyo isn't the most expensive city by far.

Back over we went to the Fuji building and decided to go up to the silver Sphere which you can wander round, this is really a must do after having done it, and I wasn't sure because light was fading fast, but this was to be luck. Seeing Tokyo by night from up here was very cool, and there is a moderately priced restaurant here too 30 pounds per head we calculated. The viewing floor had a studio in the center with cameras and the panoramas showed up the man made beaches the statue of liberty, the boat restaurants, also a great idea..and the lights off onto the main land, Odaiba is off the main land and joined by bridges. I would want to stay on this main land. Also I think the worlds biggest ferris wheel is here, and the light show of its spokes is tremendous. The Japanese are king of the Neon.

But you see what a wonderful time I was having, and I wasn't at the rave ! we set off back to meet mizumee and go to a traditional Japanese restaurant, this is an entry in itself. How one day can lead to so much writing !

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