I was in a deep sleep as the cleaner woke me up, I needed to check out in 5 minutes and hadn't planned much past this point. Being a bit hungover too- yes marvellous.
I'm awaiting meeting Tsutomu to chat to him as he will know Japan and am researching as I go, and there is still much to see in Tokyo, will have some time before flying out so I dont want to do it all this vist.

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So I was in one of those deep sleeps that comes from jetlag, and a little groggy from last night in Roppongi, missed my tube connection so got halfway home and gabbed a cab, he was lost even with GPS and a hotel map! So it took a little longer and he adjusted the cab fare to 2500 yen about 10 quid.

It's hard to reach Tsutomu by email he gets back to me always like 12 hours later, they are very dedicated at work here.

I am now ready to leave for his tonight or stay in a capsule hotel as im sure we will be wasted and won't get a train home. I have that annoying problem of having my backpack with valuables to look after since I don't have my room any longer.

Oh yes met Hugh heffners body guard last night who was currently looking after john, the first computer hacker. I wonder how Hugh is coping ? It could be true and John has told me he will look after me on my return to Tokyo. Honestly you cannot make this up.

Also I think the France England Rugby will be on at 3 am something and I guess that will be either tonight or tomorrow night. If its tonight might be possible to watch ? Lets see.

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