This area (Hakone) is full of hotels with onsen or special dedicated Onsen facilities. Its essentially the Japanese steam baths, and this is a jewel of the Japanese culture for me, this is a place to do business and relax in.

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You have to shower and clean 3 times before entering, and wash off the stool and pail that you use also, they are a very clean race the Japanese. They also like their water to remain so. The water is about 40 degrees C I think and it is good for me. I read my novel a bit which made a good change from the guide book and planning the next stop. The hotel here doesn't have internet so I cant plan or book a place to stay in Kyoto, my next stop today via Odawara. I chose not to stay here as it will be another Grey day without evening entertainment though im sure I could fill my day, I think there are better spots in Japan. So I will have just had a taste of Hakone, Its been a good one, now for that run, where are my reds..

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